Run For Your Life


Run for your life conjures danger or life threatening urgency. This “magazine about everyday runners” sets a different tone than the pop-cultured sentiment. A simple, easy-to-read layout that contains a 4-5 page interview with runners from all walks of life. The editors interview Englanders who run ultra-marathons and races, but also runners who just run for the feel of it – no technology included.


Each interview starts off with the same question, “Why did you start running” and then spins into a deeply personal interview about the person’s journey with running. Sometimes it’s not just person, but becomes political as well. For instance, a couple of the interviewees discuss on their experience in running in the Palestine Marathon: Freedom of Movement. In particular, one Grace reflects during a challenging part during her marathon: “In my head I’m thinking the reason I’m running this race is for the benefit of these boys and families”.


This part stayed with me not only as a runner but as an educator. It shows clearly that running can make a positive change.

I am an inconsistent runner. Some months I compete in races and other months I don’t do a thing. Run For Your Life has inspired me to start up again. It’s also added a few things on my To-Do list, such as reading Murakami’s book “What I talk about when I talk about running” and learning more about Palestine Marathon: Freedom of Movement. Run For Your Life is just a beginning, and that’s what makes it a fresh entry into the magazine world.

Feel better about your running regime. Running is different for everyone!

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Courtney Moore